Embroidery Sewing Machine
Embroidery Sewing Machine
Código do Produto:JK391
Embroidery Sewing Machine

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FOB Shanghai: $199.00
Preço em pontos de recompensa: 1990
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This machine, JK391,  is constructed with link thread take up lever rotating hook with thread, swinging needle bar and double lockstitch.
It has characteristics of aesthetic appearance, flexible operation complete lubrication,
easy maintenance and low voice.
This machine is widely used in embroidering medium to heavy materials, e. g. Knitwear, cotton textiles and chemical fiber. 
Highly efficient general utility embroidering Machine that gives you top-class embroidered products!
It’s used for Embroidering on ladies’ suits, children’s suites, blouses, house dresses, bedding, sports wear, handkerchiefs, scarves, etc. The highly reliable machine allows you to use a variety of materials from thin materials like nylon and organdie to thick materials for name embroidery or badge embroidery.
Material adequado By hand: 8mm, By knee: 9mm
Agulha DB×1, DB×K5
Comprimento do ponto 0-10mm
Altura do calcador 4mm
Velocidade de costura 1700 s.p.m
Looper 3
Código HS 33.4mm

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